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Discover the essence of Crete

Rodanthi is a natural history museum in Crete, showcasing the island's endemic plants, ancient fossils, and immersive cultural activities. Discover the unique natural heritage of Crete and engage with our interactive exhibits.

Our story


Kritsa village

Nestled in the mountains of Crete, Kritsa village is a treasure trove of history and tradition.


George Afordakos

Meet George Afordakos, the visionary founder who brought the Rodanthi museum to life.


Historical building

Rodanthi museum is housed in a restored historical building that adds to its unique charm.



Guided tours with George Afordakos

Join our daily tours led by founder George Afordakos, and gain unique insights into the Rodanthi museum's exhibits and history. Experience a personalized journey through Crete's natural and cultural heritage.

Visitor photos


“What a well organised and well thought out museum. So many plant samples and books and the most knowledgeable man there to walk and talk you around. It’s a surprising hidden gem to feast your eyes and mind "
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